Miami-Dade County Visual Arts

Perfection in Imperfection: Solo Exhibit by Philip Graff Shapiro

Perfection in Imperfection: Solo Exhibit by Philip Graff ShapiroFriday, November 20, 7pm-9pm – Kontempo Art, 475 Biltmore Way, #109, Coral Gables

Kontempo Art invites you to the fine art solo exhibit by Philip Graff Shapiro: Perfection in Imperfection. As Greek philosophers have stated: The paradox of perfection is that no matter how hard you try, you cannot have perfection, without imperfection. So if it is perfect, it must also be imperfect at the same time. It is this approach to perfection that we perceive in the abstract harmony that Philip masterfully showcase in his artwork.

Philip’s free flowing energy of moods and feelings, driven by his exuberant energy and lust for life, are displayed throughout his artwork. From his vivid color pallet to his remarkable techniques of applying paint, form part of a variety of different abstract works. Philip’s passion for painting and constantly striving to improve is what pushes him to make every piece as perfect as possible. Kontempo continues with its tradition of promoting emerging artists who are quickly capturing the attention of contemporary art lovers. @KontempoArt