Miami-Dade County Tasting Event

Afrohead Rum Mixology Class at Finka Table & Tap

Afrohead Rum Mixology Class at Finka Table & TapTuesday, November 17, 6pm-8pm – Finka Table & Tap, 14690 SW 26th Street, Miami

Jpon at Finka Table & Tap bar to learn about Afrohead Rum & propper cocktail making! Hear a quick history on Afrohead Rum and learn three cocktails that are easy to make at home that will impress your guests. Bar manager, Alex Aportela, will walk you through the propper tools, steps and techniques to make a good cocktail. Each guest will get a chance to make a drink of their choice behind the bar with the help of Alex Aportela. Delicious bites will be passed during the evening and $6 Afrohead cocktails can be purchased after the event at bar or at a table in the restaurant. #Rumspect @AFROHEADRums @FinkaTableTap