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2015 SeaKeeper Award Presentation Honoring Fabien Cousteau

2015 SeaKeeper Award Presentation Honoring Fabien CousteauThursday, November 5, 7pm-11pm – Private Residence, Fort Lauderdale

The International SeaKeepers Society  hosted Bal de la Mer and Founders’ Dinner as a combined event to recognize Fabien Cousteua as the 2015 SeaKeeper Award Recipient. The event was held at a private residence in Fort Lauderdale where guests were treated to an incredible evening of cocktails, dining and entertainment in a waterfront ambiance. The evening celebrated the work of Fabien Cousteau highlighting his extensive achievements, and presenting the latest 2015 missions aboard the SeaKeepers DISCOVERY Yacht Fleet.

Son of Jean Michel Cousteau III who received the SeaKeeper Award in 1996 and grandson of Jacques Yves Cousteau, Fabien continues his family’s legacy to protect and preserve the ocean as a dedicated activist, explorer, and filmmaker. Fabien is well-known for his shark documentaries including “Attack of the Mystery Shark,” based on a series of shark attacks along the New Jersey shoreline in 1916, and “Mind of a Demon,” which focuses on the mysterious nature of sharks.

Florida was selected this year in tribute to one of Fabien’s most recent undertakings, Mission 31, the longest expedition to take place at the world’s only underwater marine laboratory, Aquarius located off of the Florida Keys. The mission honored the 50th anniversary of his grandfather’s original underwater living experiment Conshelf Two, by expanding the Cousteau legacy going deeper (63 feet) and staying longer underwater for a total of 31 days aboard Aquarius. A feature documentary film of Mission 31 and a book documenting the adventures of Mission 31 is now underway. In addition the Fabien Cousteau Ocean Learning Center in the Florida Keys is under development and will be a virtual STEM platform to afford children around the world the opportunity to learn about oceans and engage with aquanauts, ocean explorers and marine biologists directly through social media and interactive videos.

In 2010, Fabien founded the nonprofit organization Plant A Fish, designed to empower communities and children to help restore local water ecosystems through the healthy “replanting” of key marine species with the ultimate goal of planting 1 billion “fish” worldwide. Fabien is a member of numerous charitable boards including The International SeaKeepers Society, Water Innovation Alliance, Millennium Project, Blue Ocean Film Festival, Plastic Pollution Coalition, One World One Ocean, Points of Light, Antarctic Ocean Alliance and the New York Harbor School.

Photos by: Brittany Robey

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