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Bossa Gallery Presents “Pattern Recognition” by Fernando Velázquez

Bossa Gallery presents Pattern Recognition by Fernando VelázquezMonday, November 9, 6pm-9pm – Bossa Gallery, 4141 NE 2nd Ave, #107, Miami Design District

Now the landscape leads me
It’s difficult to imagine a landscape that perceives us. It’s difficult to summarize which landscape inhabits our memory. It’s difficult to find such dissociated archetypes in our experience. It’s difficult to go beyond the imagination standardized for over half a century by a pre-formatted cinema. Pattern Recognition, the new installation by Fernando Velazquez helps us escape these limitations. In twelve scenes that occupy our field of vision, we are immersed in an experience that hijacks our feelings. The images, synchronized in oscillating fashion, are captured by a drone that, through seductive angles, extends our vision into a forest. They are views from a machine, but that are attached to our own. As we approach the screens, a blob detection system perceives our presence, remarking on the relationship (preferable to the term interaction) that is established with superimposed images and the inspiring tunes by Francisco Lapetina. The images of the forest, from close up reveal an intricate wood; from afar they form patterns, in a synchronic set of aerial, sideways, upward and downward views. Difference and error can be found in this repetition – perhaps representing a possible reconciliation between nature and machine. But what we see is a pictorial viewing system. We have an enigma, which does not need to be deciphered, but rather perceived, observed. @bossagallery
Lucas Bambozzi
[excerpt of the original text for the exhibition]