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Frost Science Museum Unveils 2016 CappSci Inventors Finalists

Frost Science Museum Unveils 2016 CappSci Inventors FinalistsFriday, November 13, 7pm-9pm – Mayfair Hotel, 3000 Florida Ave, Coconut Grove

CappSci InventorsTM at the Patricia and Phillip Frost Museum of Science is a 5-year, $1 million competitive prize program to develop innovative technology in the health and environmental sectors. CappSci’s applied science model combines public competitions with a strong emphasis on quantifying impact. The company works at the intersection of health, technology, and the environment. In 2015, two prizes are offered: one for the best invention to restore coral reefs, and one for the best invention to help people reduce their exposure to carcinogens.

CappSci Inventors 2016 Carcinogen Prize Finalists:
Jose Almirall & Anamary Tarifa, FIU: Analytical Chemistry for Everyone Using CMV
Vinay Bardwaj, FIU: SLISA-BEST
Prasoon Diwakar, Purdue University: Portable Real Time Carcinogen Detector Using LIBS

CappSci Inventors 2016 Coral Prize Finalists:
Andrew Baker & Rivah Winter, UM: Stress hardening corals for reef restoration
Remy Okazaki & Ben Mason, UW: Boosting coral recruitment and reef resilience
Steve Whalan, SCU: Optimizing coral recruitment with novel surfaces

Prasoon Diwakar was announced as winner of Carcinogen Prize, and Andrew Baker & Rivah Winters as winners of Coral Prize. The winners will each be awarded a $100,000 grant to support a 12-18 month installation at the new Museum, as part of its inventors-in-residence initiative. During their residencies, inventors will interact with Museum visitors while building out and testing their technologies in the new Museum’s Innovation Center. Museum visitors will watch the inventor work in an open, public-facing technology laboratory, read interactive daily project logs, and discuss the progress and details of the project with a dedicated intern who will serve as a knowledge liaison between the inventor and the public. CappSci and the Museum will also support inventors with mentor-ship and growth opportunities.

Photos by: Brittany Robey