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Killing Kittens Miami Launch

Killing kittens Miami LaunchSaturday, December 5, 9pm-5am – Fusse Studio Miami, 327 NE 59 Terrace, Miami

Killing Kittens, the London-based members-only orgy group, is sinking its claws into Miami. The group, backed by Duchess Kate Middleton’s pal Emma Sayle-Tindall, opened locations in Los Angeles and New York earlier this year and south Florida is next on its expansion list. Think Eyes Wide Shut with a feminist twist. Killing Kittens’ North American franchising director, Gweneth Lee, who calls herself an “orgynizer,” is scouting for a suitable private estate location for the big opening Dec. 5. The women who is running the Miami franchise is a former Miss Canada. How does it work?
— Members get pre-screened via London. They have to provide photo ID and go through an interview to make sure “there’s no history of aggression or violence, or strangeness, so we don’t have a problem at our parties.”
— “There are always people with secrets. Killing Kittens is a secret society. That’s why we have masks,” Lee said.
— Membership $300 – $500 per couple.
— Most parties are attended by 100-150 guests.
— Security guards are on the premises.
— “Men aren’t allowed to approach women. The girls make the rules and the girls are allowed to break the rules. We have a strong policy that no single men are allowed in. It’s all female-run. We like everyone to arrive wearing masks. Then you get in the elevator and go up.”
— “A lot of it is about female empowerment and female exploration. The term ‘killing kittens’ comes from a slang term in the porn industry that every time a woman has an orgasm, God kills kittens.”
People don’t necessarily dive in and participate, but standing back and just watching is OK. For more info contact @miami_kittens