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Barbacoa – American BBQ & Taco Hidden Pop-up Shop

Barbacoa - American BBQ & Taco Hidden Pop-up ShopFriday, November 27, 6:30pm-10:30pm - Secret Location

During the day is a Deli, but at night, it becomes Barbacoa, an ethnic-fusion pop-up at a secret location. Barbacoa started off as part experimental restaurant and part social experiment, about two and a half years ago. This is reflected in the food and the space. Pablo Orozco, one of the two main chefs, voiced his love for the idea, saying that he wanted the food to be a representation of the diversity that is Miami.

This easily translates into the menu where you can choose from many different tastes. The food is served on large pieces of brown paper with cilantro, sliced carrot, jalapeño, radish and onion, sweet beans, spicy rice and three, two sizes of tortillas each. Customers get to choose from beef shoulder, lamb, pork, octopus, ribs, or shrimp, or a mix of two or more of each. All of it is barbequed in a large furnace inside that burns fervently, and gives the small place a nice barbeque smell that is effective in pulling anyone from the street. They also give the customer four choices of sauces, each one carrying its own strong flavor. There’s the Pico de Gallo, the green sauce, the avocado sauce, which is extremely spicy, and then there is the Mole, which is a chocolate-flavored sauce that really gives you a surprise. Together, it gives the customer an endless array of choices when it comes to the flavor or the taco or mini burrito you make.

With so much to choose from, your dish can range from really spicy (with the rice, the avocado sauce, jalapeño, onion, radish and shrimp), to pretty sweet (beans, Mole, cilantro, carrot and any of the sweet-meats). This itself, gives Barbacoa its unique cuisine diversity that Orozco hoped for. Get invited by following them on Instagram @BarbacoaMia #BarbacoaMia