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“Art In The Kitchen” Brazilian Recipes By Chef Morena Leite

“Art In The Kitchen” Brazilian Recipes By Chef Morena LeiteMonday, November 30, 6pm-8pm – Paramount Miami Worldcenter, 1010 NE 2nd Ave, Miami

Paramount Miami Worldcenter celebrated the book launch of “Art In The Kitchen” and kick-off to Art Basel week where culinary arts become artistic compositions. The launch of Morena Leite and Romero Britto’s cookbook has inspired Miami’s top chefs to create masterpieces that will dazzled eyes and tantalize taste buds.

Guests celebrated the first culinary event of Art Basel during launch of the collaboration between world renowned artist Romero Britto and famed celebrity chef Morena Leite with their new book “Art In The Kitchen.” This fusion sparks a new trend where food takes center stage of Miami Art Week for one night and gives chefs the opportunity to shine as artists in this kick-off to Art Basel.

Andre Boccato’s editorial talent and his sensibility towards art and gastronomy, combined with the creativity of Romero Britto’s joyful and colorful art and the unique Brazilian flavor combinations by Morena Leite made the impeccable construction of this book possible. The end result is a flavorful and cheerful book, filled with priceless recipes and illustrations. Art in the kitchen is bound to become a work of reference for all those who love flavors,, colors and the best there is in cooking, paintings and innovating.

Photos by: Brittany Robey