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The Art World Amidst Covid-19

The Art World Amidst Covid-19Thursday, April 23, 3pm-4:30pm – Online

Join in on this important discussion about the state of arts business. The art world has been stunned by the Covid crisis in every sector. From individual artists to major arts institutions, the cultural landscape is shifting before our very eyes.

As creators and distributors of cultural news, these publishers are in a unique position to offer insights about our changing arts world and also give an assessment of the conditions of the real-time state of the arts.

Join Art Hive publishers, Angela Yungk and Jessie Prugh, Sugarcane publisher Melissa Hunter-Davis, and CultureOwl publisher, Amy Sherit, as we discuss the arts in the age of Covid. We will take questions from our online audience and glean insights from these industry experts.