POLY KANTEN by NAOYA at LOU LA VIEWednesday, December 2, 10:30pm – Lou La Vie, 246 NE 15th Street, Miami

You are invited for an evening of cocktails and exploration, with sounds provided by Ruckus, and cocktails courtesy of Perfect Vodka.
As a young boy in Japan, NAOYA began his artistic career by assisting his father, Nagae Rokuya, an important artist who specialized in figurative wooden sculpture. He has since cultivated his own unique style and artistic concepts, but uses representational figures rather than abstraction to represent his own philosophical world due to this early training. This imaginary world, called POLY KANTEN, is populated by fairy-like children, animals with human personalities, and animistic goddesses. @onishigallery #LouLaVie

RSVP to: Miami@onishigallery.com