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Eye Gazing Miami on Lincoln Road

Eye Gazing Miami on Lincoln RoadSaturday, January 2, 2pm-5pm – Lincoln Road, Miami Beach

Sacred Soul Living is the movement in Miami for deeper human connection and they would love to Eye Gaze with you!  Join next Eye Gazing Event on Lincoln Road South Beach to kick off the space that 2016 will be opening! The Intention, The Moment, the essence behind the Event:
– To engage our community in a moment of meaningful and sacred human connection.
– To connect with yourself and others on a deeper level.
– Share 1 Minute Eye Contact with those around you.
– To slow down together and remember the truth of who we really are.
Bring a mat, or a small blanket for you and those who may sit with you. This is a time for us all to simply drop in and lovingly connect!