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Norman Love Presents the ‘Naked Love’ Cakes

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Norman Love Confections recently unveiled their new line of cakes, called “Naked Love” Cakes.
“Our industry uses the term ‘naked’ when referring to unfrosted cakes with the sides ‘exposed,’ if you will,” said Norman Love, one of the founders of Norman Love Confections.

The cakes were inspired by the desire to make fresh, beautiful and delicious gourmet cakes that embrace classic American flavor combinations; these seven flavors include banana, carrot cake, chocolate peanut butter, coconut, confetti, lemon raspberry and ultimate chocolate and adorned with polka dots on top.

The cakes are made individually by hand and are carefully packaged for delivery as ready-to-serve or refrigerated. Small cakes serve up to four people and are sold at $28 dollars apiece. Large cakes are sold for $45, serving up to six. Norman Love Confection also ships cakes across the country with small cakes costing $57 for one and $100 for two, and larger cakes are $75 for one and $134 for two. You can also buy a box of mixed, small and large, for $117.

Norman Love was inspired to become a chocolatier by the universal love of chocolate. Today, the award-winning Fort Myers-based chocolatier, has been praised for producing the best ultra-premium chocolates in the nation with top recognition from top ten truffles for their line Norman Love Confections BLACK, Huffington Post’s six best for Chocolate Lover’s Travel Guide, and USA Today, who named Love one of the top ten entrepreneurs of 2014.