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Community Despacho & Fire Ceremony with The Q’ero Shamans

Community Despacho & Fire Ceremony with The Q'ero ShamansSunday, February 21, 7:30pm-10pm – Duncan Conference Center in Delray Beach, 15820 S Military Trail, Delray Beach

Join Don Fancisco, Doña Juana and Malieokalani, Sunday Feb 21st for a Community Despacho and Fire Ceremony. Don Francisco and Doña Juana are from the Q’ero nation, shamans with a legacy, Wisdomkeepers of the Prophecies of “Pachakuti”-the time to come.

This is a rare opportunity to experience a traditional Andean Ceremony right here in South Florida. A Despacho ceremony is an offering of gratitude and creates a central axis point of profound healing for the individual, the community and the earth. The Despacho works by weaving together the 3 worlds – the Hananpacha (upper world of spirit), Kaypacha (middle world of matter and physical form) and the Ukhupacha (lower world of elementals) by balancing the divine feminine and divine masculine. Our prayers, hearts, intentions, gratitude and gifts to ancestors, spirit and creator are placed together in a beautiful package, and then offered.

After building the Despacho we will gather by the fire with music and our prayers to complete this powerful ceremony. Advance tickets are $45, or $55 at the door. For more info contact Emily Andari at 561-414-3940 or