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EntrepreneurSHPE Forum

EntrepreneurSHPE ForumMonday, February 22, 7pm – School of Communication, Shoma Hall, 5100 Brunson Drive, Coral Gables

Everything you see and know began as an idea. By connecting a series of dots, a realization was made; a realization that lead to the creation of something new. Everyone is capable of connecting dots, but some decide to see their ideas through to fruition, regardless of the obstacles that come their way. We call those people entrepreneurs and they are the builders of our new world.

To kick off the National Engineering Week at UM, join for an evening with some of our community’s own entrepreneurs: Rick De La Guardia, Greg Centineo and Gus Vidaurreta. Check-in starting at 6:30 and the doors will open at 7 for a panel discussion with our distinguished guests. A reception with light refreshments will follow to facilitate personal discussions.