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8 Decades of Kaufman

8 Decades of KaufmanTuesday, April 26, 7:30pm-9pm - Herbert and Nicole Wertheim Perfoming Arts Center Concert Hall, 10910 SW 17th St, Miami

FIU Music celebrates the 80th birthday of its founder, Fredrick Kaufman, with an all-star concert. Join us as we explore 8 decades of his music and relive his works through visually enhanced performances by guest artists and FIU faculty in honor of his music achievements.

Fredrick Kaufman holds the distinguished position of Professor Emeritus in Composition at Florida International University. Prior to that he held the position of Composer-in-Residence for the University, a position that was created specifically for him. He was the founding Director of the FIU School of Music for ten years and established its internationally acclaimed FIU Music Festival.

Fredrick Kaufman is the composer of over one hundred and thirty compositions that have been performed worldwide by orchestras such as the Warsaw Philharmonic, the Israel Philharmonic, the Moscow Chamber Orchestra, the Moscow Symphony Orchestra, the Czech Radio Orchestra, and the St. Petersburg Philharmonic, among many others.