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Jean-Paul Mallozzi’s “Familiars” at Art and Culture Center of Hollywood

Jean-Paul Mallozzi's "Familiars" at Art and Culture Center of HollywoodFriday, April 8, 6pm-9pm – Art and Culture Center of Hollywood, 1650 Harrison St, Hollywood

Jean-Paul Mallozzi’s “Familiars” broadens his fascination with the human condition and the inherent, nuanced complexities of personal relationships, specifically intimate male relationships, which are often hyper-sexualized and informed by society’s rigid and conflicting constructs of masculinity, sexuality and identity. A familiar is a spirit often embodied and/or trapped in an animal form or within the individual (we are animals, aren’t we?) that serve as protectors, provocateurs, agitators or pacifiers for the subject/s depicted. These concepts are layered using Mallozzi’s attention to delicately rendered details in paint and graphite, which emphasize the ebb and flow of these intimate relationships and their ever-changing emotional states. The scenes, layered with abstract textures, create a reflective atmosphere in which these human relationships play out and challenge the male gaze, thereby revealing other possibilities for performing and seeing ‘masculinity’. Mallozzi’s incorporation of color fields across the faces enhances, and also obscures, the subjects’ internalized emotional states without the need for facial cues. Admission to the Artists’ Reception will be free for members, $10 for non-members. @ACCH