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Divine Feminine, Sexuality and Body Image Workshop

Divine Feminine, Sexuality and Body Image WorkshopThursday, May 12, 7pm – Choices Cafe, 2895 McFarlane Rd, Coconut Grove

Our current world is ruled by scientific and masculine approaches, especially when it comes to nutrition and nourishment. Even the magazines, commercials, and TV ads targeted to women carry a message that comes from a very flat, one-pointed, logical perspective.

However, as this field becomes more and more the core of our evolution, we have come to realize that our bodies are more than just meat and bone. We are emotional beings who have an emotional connection to our everyday choices, including food.

In this lecture, Pamela Wasabi will expand on body image issues that we hold as a collective. Limiting self believes, and even toxic nutritional beliefs that rob us from our divine power as women, and the impact that these thought have on our physical, emotional bodies, and food issues.