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Remote Miami 2016

Remote Miami 2016 Saturday, May 21, 4pm – Miami City Cemetery, 1800 NE 2nd Ave, Miami

Remote Miami, presented by Rimini Protokoll (Kaegi/Karrenbauer) and Questalive Productions kicked-off on Saturday May 21st at Miami City Cemetery. This rain or shine event presented participants with a revolutionary way to immerse themselves in the city’s soundscape and were given a thought provoking narrative by Heather, an Artificial Intelligence narrator. The multi-sensory experience began once the noise-cancelling headphones came on and the participants submitted complete control and trust to Heather. The individuals partaking in the project began their self-reflecting journey in a cemetery, where they were made to question what it really means to be human and “alive.” From then on, the computer-generated voice lead participants with combined elements of theatre, performance, guided tour, computer games and quest to a distinct surprise location in Miami.

The Remote Miami experience occurred in real time where the city streets provided the set design while people passing by became the actors and the surrounding reality provided props. The performance was a fun and exhilarating game as well as an intriguing mental exercise. Participants of the show, together with their computerized interlocutor, explored the city in stereo format discovering individuality, mortality, memory and the invasion of our mental geography by technology. #RemoteMiami @RemoteMiami

Photos by: Regina Martiarena