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Space Scooter: Coast to Coast Challenge in Miami

Space Scooter: Coast to Coast Challenge in MiamiSunday, June 5, 11am-5pm – Marlins Park, 501 Marlins Way, Miami

Space Scooter® brought its Coast to Coast Challenge to Marlins Park, pulling excited kids away from the hot dog stands and onto their obstacle course. The children and adults loved the Space Scooter®, zooming effortlessly through their custom made track.

Marielle De Silva, Global Marketing Manager from Space Scooter®, says that what makes space scooter different from any other scooter is its teetering motion, which could keep kids moving for hours. Traditional scooters that require users to constantly kick the ground drains kids’ energies too quickly, encouraging them to turn to less active forms of entertainment. The dynamic movement that space scooter engineered allows users to be active longer and feel more refreshed while using it.

The innovative creation was clearly a hit at Marlins Park as kids lined up in anticipation to try the unique model -and they were not disappointed. Even Billy the Marlin joined the #SpaceScooterMovement, riding around the track, racing with the kids. In this day of technology, it’s easy for children and adults to become lost in the latest online game or social media site, which makes staying active even more important. Space Scooter® takes away all of the distractions and encourages users to “unplug and play.”

After the children went around the track a couple of times, it was impossible to get them off of the scooter! Space Scooter® definitely achieved its mission at Marlins Park, with dozens of kids coming and going throughout the game to experience the unique phenomenon. Parents and spectators were amazed that their kids were off of their phones, video games and tablets and were taking the time to get active. Amidst the crowd and excitement, the kids and adults enjoyed experiencing the space scooter for themselves with many promising to buy the fantastic toy the first chance they got!

Space Scooter® is available in a variety of colors and designs and comes in two models, the Space Scooter® X580 ($149) for ages eight and above and Space Scooter® Junior X360 ($99), the smaller kid-sized version, for ages five and above. Space Scooter® is available on, 250 selected Toys”R”Us stores and #SpaceScooterMovement #CoasttoCoast @SpaceScooterUSA