Broward County Visual Arts

“Swimming with Narcissus” Opening Reception

"Swimming with Narcissus" Opening ReceptionThursday, July 21, 6pm-9pm – Bailey Contemporary Arts, 41 NE 1st St, Pompano Beach

“Swimming with Narcissus” investigates identity and persona of both of the artist, and of the viewer, as provoked by the artist. The exhibit is a survey of atypical self-portraits. Instead of a tangible reflection of the figure based in realism, these contemporary approaches are instead conceptual meditations of the psyche, where representations of the self may be distorted and altered, resulting in a diverse embodiment of identity. Throughout the exhibit, viewers will also be confronted by sculptural artworks with reflective or mirrored surfaces, inherently bringing the viewer into the work, and provoking fractured and distorted reflections, thereby causing them to consider the subjective nature of how one views their own image.