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Whole Foods Market Tour for Family and College Students

Whole Foods Market Tour for Family and College StudentsThursday, August 11, 6pm-8pm – Whole Foods Market, 1903 South University Drive, Davie

Have you heard of the infamous “Freshman 15” (or 20, or 30)? It’s named after a phenomenon where new college students reportedly gain on average 15 pounds by their second year. Healthy eating starts with smarter choices in the aisles. But did you know the average supermarket carries 38,000 different items? And with a budget, space limitations and so much to choose from, it’s hard to know what the best choices are for a college student.

You are learning to make important decisions independently for the first time – whether it be picking up items at the store or choosing from the dining commons and we know it can be overwhelming. Tour is $25 per person. MBN Market tour booklet included. Maximum capacity is 12 people. We will meet at the front of the store at 5:45 pm. Invite your friends and join us for this important nutritional discovery of your local market and make your steps towards a healthier you.