Miami-Dade County Visual Arts

“Focus On Italy” at Cinepolis

Focus On ItalyWednesday, August 31, 8pm-10pm – Cinépolis, 3015 Grand Avenue, Coconut Grove

MIAMI short FILM FESTIVAL will be presenting 8 short films ranging from animation to narrative to experimental. The screening will run about 91 mintues. All films are subtitle in English:

“Rita” – By Antonio Piazza & Fabio Grassadonia, 19 min
Rita, a blind child, shelters a boy on the run who suddenly breaks into her home. It’s a mysterious, enigmatic meeting that lets Rita experience a brief moment of freedom.

“Recuiem”- By Valentina Carnelutti, 20 min
When 7 year old Leo and his little sister Annetta wake up in the morning, their mom Emma is sleeping. Or dead? They wait, they try their life without mommy.

“IL RUMORE DELLA NEVE” – By Andrea Marini, 9:33 min
Today the world is contaminated by the daily hustle and bustle and the stress is generated by small, imperceptible, but always more present noises that surround us. The resulting distraction may make us lose sight of the truly important things in life.

“La Stanza dei Bottoni” – By Francesco Faralli, 12:33 min
Eleven-year-old Anna wants to be noticed by her first crush and to do so she needs a new dress. The problem is that her requests are ignored by the males of the family. Anna has always been good and calm but even her patience has a limit.

“IL FISCHIETTO” – By Lamberto Sanfelice, 15 min
The Whistle tells the story of Giulia, a ten-year-old girl coping with the loss of her parents. Giulia suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder and has difficulty accepting the harsh reality she has to face.

“IL SERPENTE (The Snake)” – By Nicola Prosatore, 15 min
Marta is going back home when a tree falls in the road and forces her to stop. In the night, suddenly appears a second car and a ruthless pursuit will begin.

Enjoy a complimentary Stella beer with ticket purchase. ID Required. Must be 21 and over to receive a free drink. #MIAMIsFF #ShortFilm #FocusOnItaly