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Ulysse Nardin’s Freak X Collection Launch Party

Ulysse Nardin’s Freak X Collection Launch PartySaturday, February 16, 10pm-12am – Island Gardens Deep Harbour, 888 MacArthur Causeway, Miami

Haute Living hosted the exclusive launch party of the Ulysse Nardin Freak X Collection – the first time the Freak X watch was shown in the US. Ulysse Nardin Freak X price tag will be $21,000 for Titanium and black DLC, and two more pricier versions will be made in Rose gold and Carbonium priced at $30,000 and $24,000.

The FREAK X, the little cousin of its ”Freak antecedents”, stands out as the entry point into the FREAK collection. Though many of the same aesthetic and functional elements are in place, it pushes out into uncharted territory. The sizing is tighter – 43mm instead of 45mm – but it is easier to read and operate. It has a crown for time correction, which breaks with one of the most iconic aspects of the crown-less FREAK VISION or FREAK OUT models, which correct time by the bezel. The “baguette” movement is still a carousel, turning once on itself every hour to indicate the time. It is simpler, bolder, and has fewer wheels. It has no dial and no hands – the central bridge acts as a minute hand and one of the wheels indicates the hours.

Inside and clearly visible beats one of the FREAK VISION’s most outstanding innovations: a super-light balance wheel in silicium, extra-wide, with nickel flyweights and stabilizing micro-blades. The movement itself, the new UN-230, is a fusion of the manufacture calibers UN-118 and FREAK VISION UN-250.The case, nicely rounded with curved lines, is wholly new, and seriously transformative. The new FREAK X is available in titanium, rose gold, black DLC or in Carbonium ®.

The most spectacular iteration of the FREAK X collection is undoubtedly the Carbonium ® version. The aeronautic-grade Carbonium ® is a new, super-light and sustainable material used in the aeronautical sector for the latest-generation airplanes’ fuselage and wings. In short, the most vital and essential components in today’s modern airplanes. The production of Carbonium ® has 40% less environmental impact than other carbon composites as it uses offcuts from aeronautical pieces. With complex process requiring high pressures and temperatures, Carbonium ® is a high-performance material that brings out the core beauty of the organic pattern created by the 7µm diameter carbon fibers.

The use of a material like Carbonium ® comes as a clear reminder that we dare make a difference. Constructed from neXt-generation carbon composites – among the most robust and resilient materials ever devised by science – it is as audaciously disruptive as it is technically and technologically transcendent. Ulysse Nardin is the first to use this neXt-generation material in a watch. Its resistance-to-lightness ratio is unparalleled, and its stunning marbling effect never repeats, making each watch case absolutely unique. #UlysseNardin  #FreakX