Miami Beach Tasting Event

The Grai’it Challenge 2016/2017

The Grai'it Challenge 2016/2017Wednesday, November 2, 1pm-2:30pm – 27 Restaurant & Bar, 2727 Indian Creek Dr, Miami Beach

The Grai’it Challenge 2016/2017 is an extraordinary contest for international bartenders: seven winners will fly to Italy for 10 days to discover the most fascinating places, habits, and traditions that reflect the Italian way of life. Be part of a “Great work” and discover the Gra’it Italian alchemy. Gra’it isn’t just an excellent spirit but an impeccable starting point in the journey towards the “perfect cocktail”: a journey where Bonollo’s excellence in production meets international Mixology. Get ready to discover the Italian way of life and find new and exciting ways to create Gra’it cocktails! @GraitGrappa