Miami Wynwood Arts District

“Sacred Geometries” Closing Reception at Art Bastion Gallery

"Sacred Geometries" MADA Event Opening ReceptionSaturday, January 28, 6pm-9pm – Art Bastion Gallery, 2085 NW 2nd Ave, Miami Wynwood Arts District

This show brings together an international group of artists to examine the influence of natural and manufactured geometries in contemporary practice. The show, opening October 22, on view until January 28, will feature over 20 works of varying mediums, styles and disciplines. This collection cultivates a myriad of interpretations of the concept of form. In this space we can discover why some artists seek comfort in repetitive forms, and why others reject such forms in search of new shapes and dimensions.

By projecting laser light onto a series of concentric circles in a convex disk for The Geometry of Truth, Chris Levine taps into a rich history of sacred geometries in ways that are both reflective and interactive. The photographic works of Andrea Hamilton and Darya Warner delve into our relationships with the geometries of the natural world and its many biological structures. Meanwhile, Jasper Galloway and Troy Simmons’ boldly colored work alongside Annabelle Soriano and Lauren Shapiro’s monochromatic drawings and sculptures directly and indirectly all touch on traditional uses of polytopes and ideal geometric proportions. Finally, Dominique Gerolini’s vivid abstract paintings uncover how sacred geometries or repeating patterns reveal themselves in the free hand.