Broward County Visual Arts

House of Art Presents Adoring Adora

House of Art‎ Presents "Adoring Adora"Saturday, November 12, 7pm-9pm - House of Art‎, 815 NE 13th St #4, Fort Lauderdale

House of Art is pleased to announce “Adoring Adora”, an exciting new eclectic photography exhibition by resident artist HENRIQUE SOUZA which will be on view from November 12 to November 26, 2016. An exhibition of one of South Florida Drag Living Legend, Adora. The exhibit also features the work of guests photographer artists Alexis Trigoura, Ali Miranda, Dale Stein and Frank Polanco. Each photographer will feature Adora under a different light and unique setting.

For decades Adora has been a staple entertainer in our community. Her charismatic persona has brought many togethers in both our LGBTQ community and those with open minds. She has been the center of attraction for many our bars, nightclubs, local and international TV productions, music videos, celebrity collaborations, private events and endless charitable work. This time she poses for these photographers and takes center stage once again during this photography art exhibit presented in her honor.

The photographers have focused their creative vision on her physiognomy and have brought her glitzy, glamorous and quirky characteristics to life in a very ingenious display and distinctive medium. Special makeup effect makes for the images to be a special masterpiece. Some have been able to capture at first glance her colorful demeanor in a mixture of elegant to casual wear whether is with a swimwear in a yacht to a fabulous bedroom settings wearing vintage nightgowns. Others have developed a far more complex settings such as a war tank chasing her making her look like the blade drag runner or a pop art japanese cartoon hailing a passing train with suitcase on hands and a series of “vintage” retrospective images of her from back in the days.

The event will benefit in part Pridelines, a non profit organization providing support, education and empowerment to LGBTQ youth and the community at large in safe and diverse environments. After party will take place at The Manor in wilton Manors. #adoringadora @SOUZAIMAGERY