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Alexandre Arrechea “Tied Stone” Opening Reception

Alexandre Arrechea "Tied Stone" Opening ReceptionFriday, November 4, 7pm-9pm – Fredric Snitzer Gallery, 1540 NE Miami Ct, Miami

Cuban artist Alexandre Arrechea shows mind-bending work. Alexandre Arrechea’s “Tied Stone,” at Fredric Snitzer Gallery, displays new work from one of the most lucid minds in contemporary art. His impressive craftsmanship has evolved from purposefully slipshod to a flawless industrial extravaganza. Meant to disrupt the viewer’s preconceived schemas, Arrechea is known for twisting New York City’s architectural landmarks into capricious shapes. Thus, he distorts a powerful conceptual and visual synecdoche to expose accepted mainstream archetypes. On view November 4th to 26th, 2016.