Miami Beach Visual Arts

“Delirious Machines”

Delirious MachinesSunday, November 13, 8pm-9:30pm - Miami Beach SoundScape Park, 400 17th St, Miami Beach

ArtCenter/South Florida invites you to Delirious Machines, a free outdoor screening of short video and animations at the Miami Beach SoundScape Park. The 100-minute program, organized as part of the ArtCenter/South Florida’s exhibition An Image, will feature 10 works by a variety of filmmakers: from historical figures to some of the most compelling contemporary artists working with moving images today. Each of the films address the capacity of images to mutate, supplant, or intersect with reality and scale their effects across a gamut of impact zones (from the temporal to the spatial). The aim of this program is to foster a sense of literacy and encourage a critical engagement with a contemporary moment saturated by images.

Featuring works by Sally Cruikshank, Chuck Jones, Étienne-Jules Marey, Adam Kaplan, Sondra Perry, Suzan Pitt, Seth Price, Lucy Raven, Oskar Schlemmer, and others. With the support of the City of Miami Beach Department of Tourism and Cultural Development, Cultural Affairs Program, Cultural Arts Council and the Miami Beach Mayor and City Commissioners. Free & Open to the Public! #DeliriousMachines @ArtCenterSF