Podari.Life Fundraiser EventThursday, January 5, 4pm-7pm – Tanuki Restaurant, 1080 Alton Rd, Miami Beach

Coral Gables law firm Coffey Burlington will host a fundraising event for Podari.Life, a Russian children’s charity. Top Russian celebrities such as singer Kristina OrbakaitÄ— and fashion designer Masha Tsigal will be in attendance. Miami’s Galleria Ca’ d’Oro will be auctioning two artworks, and if sold a percentage will go to Podari.Life. Hublot will be showing their luxury watches and a percentage of profits will go to Podari.Life, as well. A representative of Podari.Life, Lelia Shergova, will share a presentation on the non-profit with her guests.

Podari.Life’s mission is to support the battle against childhood cancer by securing needed medicines for children in Russia who face this deadly disease. Podari.Life believes money should never be the measure of a child’s life. They value openness, generosity and friendships as part of the cure for a disease that has no borders: cancer. #PodariLife @PodariLife