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Celebrating Winter Solstice, Rebirth of the Light

Celebrating Winter Solstice, Rebirth of the LightWednesday, December 21, 2:30pm-8pm – Casa Bagua at Belle Meade Island, 7301 Belle Meade Island Dr, Miami

Throughout history and in nature, the winter solstice is a time to rest and nourish the soul with joy and comfort. We can observe this in nature through hibernation of animals, migration of birds and the resting of plant life. We too, can take this time to sync with the natural rhythms of the earth, as Gaia has always intended for us. Winter solstice marks the shortest day and longest night of the year, a time rest, nourishment and preparation for rebirth; to new beginnings. Throughout cultures, symbolic celebrations for the winter solstice have taken place almost as long as time itself. The ancient Egyptians celebrated this as the “rebirth of the sun”. Love Donation $15 for all day entry. #BaguaCenter @BaguaCenter