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“Natural Progressions” Opening Reception & Film screening

"Natural Progressions" Opening Reception & Film screeningWednesday, January 18, 6:30pm8:30pm – O Cinema Wynwood, 90 Northwest 29th Street, Miami Wynwood Arts District

Working with printmaking and sculpture, George Goodridge explores processes that draw on his studies of geometric reconstruction and conceptual installations. In the late 1980s Goodridge began developing his sculptural aesthetic, which he describes as “dimensional paintings,” in reaction to the minimalism of New York conceptualism. This reaction is most evident in Goodridge’s preoccupation with subverting traditional medium-specific processes; his dimensional paintings are created by stretching canvas or marine epoxy treated fabric over armatures. Recently having shifted away from larger scale public works, his most recent body of work continues to blend sculpture, architecture, and painting. However, their new diminutive scale highlights the playful nature of his process. “Natural Progressions” features eleven new works by Goodridge. His sculptures installed alongside several two-dimensional monotype prints share similar aesthetic concerns. The animated compositions featured in these monotypes mirror the silhouette of their three-dimensional counterparts, the product of a process Goodridge refers to as “Unconscious Geometry.” @ArtCenterSF @OCINEMA