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Fooq’s Celebrates 2-Years with a Persian Feast

Fooq's Celebrates 2-Years with a Persian FeastWednesday, March 15, 7pm-11pm – Melissa, 1035 North Miami Avenue, Miami

Fooq’s celebrates its two-year anniversary with a Persian feast. The eclectic eatery will host a family-style dinner that evokes the festivity of Persian cuisine, offering a selection of traditional dishes and a welcome drink. On the menu, guests can expect an array of exotic items, such as savory Khoreshses, traditional Persian stews; crispy Tahdig, Persian rice; and homemade Barbari bread, finely toasted with an assortment of dips. Two dinner seatings will be offered at 7pm and 9pm, priced at $45 per person. #FooqsAnniversary

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