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NetGROW: Untapped Miami’s First Annual Networking Soirée

Untapped Miami's First Annual Networking Soirée: NetGROWSunday, December 11, 4pm-7pm – BB Sundays at Cafe Iguanas, University Marketplace, 8358 Pines Blvd, Pembroke Pines

Join in celebrating Untapped Miami’s first year run, not just the company’s success, but to also stick to company’s main purpose which is to market and promote South Florida’s businesses/talented elite with first annual Networking Soirée #NetGROW (Build Your Network For Your Net Worth And GROW)!

NetGROW is the perfect opportunity to market your talent, business and skills alike. Added to the highly anticipated networking soirée are two of the most powerful male poets in South Florida as the evening host’s. At the event we will have a mini forum discussing the highs and the lows of marketing, several ways of getting yourself noticed and promoting your brand! #NetGROW #UntappedMiami @iLoveBBSundays @CafeIguanas