Broward County Happy Hour

Bayou at the Buddha: Crawfish Boil

Bayou at the Buddha: Crawfish Boil Sunday, March 26, 11:30am-3pm, Funky Buddha Brewery, 1201 NE 38th St, Oakland Park

Carrying on the tradition of old-time, pre-bluegrass string bands and songsters, they raise the roof with traditional folk songs, fiddle tunes, old-time country, bluegrass, Appalachian music, ragtime, blues, spirituals, railroad and cowboy songs, work songs, sea shanties, reels, breakdowns, ballads, and more. Call them what you will (crayfish, crawfish, crawdads, freshwater lobsters, mountain lobsters, mudbugs or yabbies), we will have plenty of them on Sunday, March 26th for our first ever crawfish boil on the front patio from our own Craft Food Counter & Kitchen. $20 gets you one core draft beer and a plate (1lb of crawfish, potatoes, corn and sausage). No pre-purchase or tickets required, just show up! #bayouatthebuddha #crawfishboil @funkybuddhabrew