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RISE UP! Rooftop Yoga Master Class

RISE UP! Rooftop Yoga Master Class Monday, March 27, 6pm-8:30pm – The the Ruf, 5110 NW 2nd Ave, Miami

Enjoy this Master Class on the rooftop with Sujal Sudarshan Patel from SKYLIGHT YOGA and Pablo Lucero from PABLO LUCERO YOGA on Monday March 27 starting at 6:00PM. Pablo and Sudarshan will guide you through a “master class flow” of consciousness into the body, breath, mind and soul. Pablo and Sudarshan’s views of the Yoga tradition are of scriptural preservation, spiritual evolution, self-healing, and living fully. More than 20 years of combined experienced between these teachers will lead students from the gross body to the subtle body, from the senses to the spirit, from ignorance to knowledge. Their humor, passion, and wisdom will help you better understand how and why Yoga works. Tickets are $25 per person.