Miami-Dade County Tasting Event

The DRB Global Beer Tour #7

The DRB Global Beer Tour #7 Monday, October 24, 5pm – The DRB (Democratic Republic Of Beer), 255 NE 14th Street, Miami

DRB Citizens ALL ABOARD! This is a roll call from the Secretary Of Transportation of The Democratic Republic Of Beer! It’s that time for our 7th stop on the DRB GLOBAL BEER TOUR… BARBADOS! “Embarkation” will begin at 5:00pm on Monday, October 24th, 2011 at The DRB. There is no need to bring your bags, just an empty stomach, some friends, and your instinctive desire to have a good time with authentic Barbadian food and Barbadian beer. During our “trip” we will be serving Banks Beer for ½ Price and Couscous for $5.00 all night long.