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Sunday Supper Artist Brunch

Sunday Supper Artist BrunchSunday, May 21, 2pm-7pm – Premier Kitchen, 1584 NW 29th Street, Miami Wynwood Arts District

Premier Kitchen is opening doors to host Sunday Supper Artist Brunch from 2pm to 7pm. Chef Ulises Martinez has crerated a menu for you to enjoy, and showcasing Artist, Charles Edward Soto. The very idea of art is often most confusing to those of us brave enough to undertake a belletristic endeavor. However, it is because of those willing to brave the darkest caves of creativity and insanity that we are given the chance to experience art, which at its most basic pure level is this: emotion distilled through the filter of experience and preserved in the concrete limits of moment and medium. Charles Edward Soto, is a master distiller serving us simply the purest shots of emotion, straight up. No Chasers.