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“Faces of China” Photo Exhibit with Field Recorded Sound by Tom Salyer

"Faces of China" Photo Exhibit with Field Recorded Sound by Tom SalyerSaturday, November 5, 7pm – ACND Gallery of Art, 4949 NE 2nd Avenue, Miami

Miami based Professional Photographer, Tom Salyer will exhibit 32 works depicting his experiences with both ancient and contemporary China during an annual visit to the country between 2004 until his most recent trip this October. The show will also feature an audio accompaniment of natural, field-recorded sound. As well as traditional commercial photography, Salyer specializes in multimedia presentations and ‘talking postcards’ that combine photographs and sound so that audiences gain a fuller, more compelling experience than any one of those elements could achieve by themselves. Rather than attempt to accentuate the differences between ‘us and them,’ Salyer chooses to highlight the similarities as we look beneath the costume, colors, and drama and peer into the human soul. The exhibit demonstrates a mastery of technical skills and visual communication. A postcard with a map identifying the shot location and event description serves as a point of a departure. Cross the cultural line and be immersed in an array of rich color, scenic landscapes, and intimate close-ups.

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