Broward County Visual Arts

“What’s Your Elephant” Art Exhibit

"What's Your Elephant" Art ExhibitSaturday, July 15, 7pm-11pm – 1310 Gallery, 1310 SW 2nd Court, Fort Lauderdale

What’s Your Elephant — (The Elephant in the Room) is an idiom for an obvious truth that is either being ignored, or otherwise unaddressed. The purpose of this exhibit is to provide a safe place for issues and topics that are normally hidden from public view. Through visual and performance art, the artists participating in this event will share secrets and taboos, discussing openly to find solutions for individual and collective emancipation. Attendees are invited to enter the ‘Confessional’, an interactive safe space installation to share their ‘elephant’. What’s Your Elephant will be hosted by 1310 Gallery residents Niki Lopez, visual artist & designer, and Alana DaCosta, singer/songwriter. Featured artists include: Niki Lopez, Alana DaCosta, AJ Grossman, Ana Rossi, Cheryl Brown, Macarena Zilveti, Mila Hajjar, Cesca Veo, Lubos Tuzinsky, Chire Regans, Tabatha Mudra, Jose Silva, Yudelka Tavera, Zeal Harris, Artists for Black Lives Matter collective and SunServe Youth. Opening night performance featuring: Mori Taiye, Alana DaCosta, Profound Breath, We’re Weird, and Nephii Love, Adejare A. McMillan and Venus Rising. FREE & open to the public.  #whatsyourelephant #1310gallery #nikilopez #alanadacosta #browardarts #nikilopezpresents @whatsyourelephant