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Primal Fit 360 Launches the Six Pillars for Success

Primal Fit 360 Launches the Six Pillars for SuccessThursday, August 3, 7am-6pm – Primal Fit Miami, 9531 NE 2nd Avenue, Miami Shores

Primal Fit 360, is not your typical personal training fitness center. While athletes and trainees are often pushing themselves to the limit, Primal Fit puts an emphasis on recovery by offering six unique treatments in the facility for their clients. Besides a professional stretch zone and infrared sauna for heat therapy, Primal Fit provides Normatec compression boots and Cryo therapy in the form of full body restoration, facials and spot treatment.

“You need to think of your body as a bank account,” said Matt Pack, owner of Primal Fit 360 Miami. “Every time you work out, you’re expending energy. You have to put some money in the bank through recovery, and work in as much as you work out.” The Normatec compression boots are used to remove byproducts of a workout like lactic acid by squeezing the lymph nodes in the legs from the feet up, Pack said.

Compression boot therapy and use of the infrared sauna are included in the personal training membership at Primal Fit. Cryo therapy, however, is available at a discounted rate to members. RecoverMe Cryo body restoration therapy and the Cryo-Facial use below freezing temperatures to refresh blood-flow.

In Cryo body restoration therapy, the body goes through a “fight or flight” experience that causes nutrient rich and fresh oxygenated blood to flow throughout your body. This happens because the skin is exposed to nitrogen gas at temperatures between -200 and -250 degrees Fahrenheit. The cold air sends a signal to the brain causing blood from the body’s extremities to be drawn to the vital organs and mid-section as a survival mechanism. The “new” blood flow enables your body to naturally heal itself, and it will last up to five hours post treatment.

While this treatment is helpful for athletes because it is the equivalent of a one-hour long ice bath, Primal Fit has found that Cryo therapy helps a wide range of clients who suffer from chronic inflammation and pain to wean off of medication. This treatment has been shown to help with a variety of conditions including gastrointestinal diseases, arthritis, psoriasis and acne, according to Pack. Nonetheless, he says the therapy only work with consistency. He recommends that clients come three times per week to see a difference.

While it may seem daunting at first, Pack encourages those who have never tried Cryo therapy to give it a chance, because he has seen it change his clients’ lives. Cryo therapy is available at Primal Fit 360 Miami for $70 per session for non-members and $40 per session for members. The facility offers specialized personal training and a recovery regimen all under the same roof.


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