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Stoli’s Atomic Blonde Cocktail Party, August 8, 7pm-10pm – Kiki On the River, 450 NW North River Dr, Miami

Have you had a chance to see the summer’s blockbuster Atomic Blonde yet? The movie stars Charlize Theron as an MI6 agent who, instead of enjoying shaken-not-stirred martinis, has a preference for Stoli on Ice. She pours herself a glass in the film’s opening sequence as she eases into an ice bath, her body a constellation of bruises, and it’s a Stoli on Ice she orders again at an East Berlin bar filled with KGB agents, shortly before taking home a French intelligence agent by the name of Delphine. Her drink order is as much a trademark as it is a sendup of the James Bond character and a sly wink at spy movies long being the domain of men. Stoli has taken a unique role in helping support the film and to celebrate the exclusive partnership.