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Hip-Hop Grassroot Webster Concert

Hip-Hop Grassroot Webster ConcertTueasday, November 8, 7pm РAlliance Fran̤aise South Florida, 618 SW 8th Street, Miami

Webster is an accomplished hip-hop Canadian artist with much to say. He knows just how to stimulate the crowd. He skillfully mixes music and speech to vibrantly speak about history, as well as social issues facing the world today. Webster’s attitude on the stage is cool and simple, easily understandable and readily relatable. He has been described as a “grassroots hip-hop historian” and his music calls for social justice through artistic expression.
He will also lead on November 8th at 4:30 pm a workshop for teenagers as an exploration of text, hip-hop and a variety of literary tools including imagery, metaphors, rhymes, structure, articulation, flow, rhythm and emotion. through the medium of music, Webster discusses the importance of words and the role they play in writing hip-hop texts. Workshop participants are encouraged to write their own texts. Tickets can be purchased online: 10$ for AF members, 15$ for non-members.