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FUSION Fashion & Art Gallery Grand Opening, August 10, 4:30pm-9:30m – FUSION Fashion & Art Gallery, 501 Fern St, West Palm Beach

Designers have traveled around the world to show their summer lines in Palm Beach Swim Week this year, which will feature over 18 fashion shows from Aug. 25-27. In preparation for revealing their new pieces, a number of the designers gathered to discuss their work at FUSION Fashion & Art Gallery grand opening event. The fashion to be seen during Palm Beach Swim Week will include resort wear, swimwear, active wear and more created with inspiration from a wide variety of backgrounds. However, Maria Elena Couture and Karen Nottage of Legacy K will be showing new lines that were inspired by women’s lifestyle and their respective family histories. #PalmBeachSwimWeek #ThePalmBeaches #FFAW #PBSW #PBIFW

Maria Elena CoutureMaria Elena Couture

Maria Elena Couture will be showing her unique handbag line inspired by her Cuban background and the influence of Cuban women in her life. The beauty in women’s strength and personalities inspired the designer to create bags that can compliment the many facets of a day in the life of a working woman. In the line you will see bags made for the day, the night and in between.

Maria Elena brought her unique handbag line to Palm Beach from New York because she believes the women of south Florida will be able to see parts of themselves in her bags. “The bag you wear tells the world something about you,” she said. She described the south Florida woman as vibrant, animated and communicative, which she hopes to portray in her handbags as well. Each handbag has a different texture, shape, color and feel. #mariaelenacoutureny

Karen Williams NottageKaren Williams Nottage

Known as the winning designer of the 2017 Presidential Inauguration ball gown, Karen Nottage is ready to show her new looks for plus size women in Palm Beach Swim Week. Her plus size resort wear line, “CAITLIN ARD,” encourages women to embrace their height and love their curves. Before designing clothes for plus size women, Nottage was a size four model. However, her love for food returned after she got married and started cooking at home with her husband.

Nottage embraced her body’s natural changes at a new stage in her life and wants women of all shapes and sizes to do the same. “These are my genes: voluptuous,” she said. “So this line is for me, and for other tall, plus size women because they deserve to feel sexy too.” With her line, Nottage hopes that curvy women are able to feel comfortable sitting poolside in their own skin. @KarenWilliamsNottage