Miami Beach Visual Arts

INTERCULTURAL Opening Reception

INTERCULTURAL Opening ReceptionWednesday, September 27, 6pm-9pm – Miami Design Preservation League’s Art Deco Museum, 1001 Ocean Drive, Miami Beach

INTERCULTURAL, an immersive art experience by interdisciplinary artist Sheinina Lolita Raj and a sound collaboration by Nelly Furtado, is opening at the Miami Design Preservation League’s Art Deco Museum on September 12, 2017. INTERCULTURAL is a visual and sound art experience exploring cultural differences while analyzing the increasing obsolescence of race-based identity. The exhibition features photographs of artist Raj arrayed in the traditional authentic finery of various regions and nations while sounds pieces by Nelly Furtado explore new territory featuring Solfeggio Frequencies, frequencies that allow the mind and body to achieve a greater sense of balancing and deep healing.  #interculturalworldwide @interculturalworldwide @Canada150 @MDPL1976