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Unifire Presents Kalya Scintilla & Eve Olution

Unifire Presents Kalya Scintilla & Eve OlutionTuesday, September 26, 8pm-4am – La Garage Wynwood, 127 NW 23rd St, Miami Wynwood Arts District

Australian Music Producer and Founder of Merkaba Music, Kalya (Ka –lee- yah) Scintilla ( Sin–till –ah) has always had a love for music; playing in garage bands, banging on drum kits, spinning vinyl in the night clubs of Sydney and getting down to funk! Kalya had a knowing one night listening to one of the most profound pieces of visionary music from the legendary Herbie Hancock, that his soul’s mission was to make music his life’s devotion.

Eve Olution is a Performance Artist and Visionary Director that infuses a unique style and frequency of intentional ritual through movement & myth. With her background in theatre, Eve has alchemized traditional and classical style with evolving themes of consciousness that are viscerally woven throughout her Performance Art. Through the embodiment of archetypal energy, her devotion is in bringing forth these live vibrations to evoke healing, awakening, and transformation to the audience. After decades of wielding her passion and the manifestation of her evolutionary visions, Eve breathes tangible magick with every performance.