Miami-Dade County Visual Arts

7 Artists from 7 Countries

7 Artists from 7 CountriesFriday, November 11, 6:30-10pm – Museum of the Americas, 2500 NW 79th Avenue, Suites #104-#108, Doral

 The Museum of the Americas cordially invites you and your guests to the opening of the exhibitions: “7 Artists from 7 Countries” featuring Michel Doret (Haiti), Juan Eizaguirre (Spain), Annunziata Fiumi-Loosli (Switzerland), Marlene Hernández Casillas (Puerto Rico), Fernando Montoya (Colombia), Shahla Rosa (United States), and Garrys Sayfutdinov (Kazan, Russia). Exhibition at the Main Room #108 and individual exhibition by E.B.Christensen (E.B. Christensen is an Argentine native and Miami based architect, interior designer and artist) (at the space #104). Exhibitions end on Wednesday, November 30, 2011. Free admission and parking.