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Beyond the Self: Women of Nat Geo Changing the World

Beyond the Self: Women of Nat Geo Changing the WorldThursday, October 12, 6:15pm-8:45pm – Woman’s Club of Coconut Grove, 2985 S Bayshore Dr, Coconut Grove

To expand and evolve we must change, adapt, and demolish our internal and external walls to encompass the entire world, and more. It’s the act of becoming, through movement. Fighting stagnation to feed authenticity and innovation. Nat Geo Explorers go beyond themselves, to become limitless. They are making this world a better place by going where our minds had never thought of going before. Bridges Unite and FOX invite you to listen to three exceptional Nat Geo Explorer’s stories. These women have spent their lives letting curiosity, commitment, and passion, for our changing planet and its people, take them where few others dare to go. They continue to demonstrate how women’s will and power can spread far. Beyond the body. Beyond the mind. Beyond the self. #NatGeo @bridgesunite