Miami-Dade County Visual Arts

CARNE-VAL Photography Exhibition at Galeria Adelmo

CARNE-VAL Photography Art ExhibitionFriday, October 27, 7pm-10pm – Galeria Adelmo Art Gallery, 1165 Southwest 6th Street, Miami

“CARNE-VAL” Photography Art Exhibition features two seasoned photographers from the Miami area, Rosee Camafrieta, and Ali Miranda. Rosee uses her camera as an artistic medium for experimentation, harnessing natural and artificial light along with different textures, and an array of objects to create visually engaging images. Ali established himself as a photo artist in South Beach during the late 80’s and up to the present. Greatly known for his erotic nudes, Ali’s work is often featured in both local and national publications, covering a broad spectrum in the photography field from commercial to fine art.

The “CARNE-VAL” Exhibition is inspired by the Christian practices and celebrations of Shrove Tuesday, (aka Mardi Gras or Carnival), the last night of feasting and self-indulgence before Ash Wednesday, when the penitential season of Lent begins. In the CARNE-VAL Art Exhibition, these two gifted photographers attempt to capture the frolic mood and fantastical imagery that are associated with the ‘shriven’ days before Lent. You are invited to meet these two talented artists at their Opening Night Revelry Reception. A lovely wine & cheese spread will be catered throughout the evening.