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Afrikin 2020

Afrikin 2020Sunday, November 1, 3pm-5pm – Online

Join a virtual celebration with leaders from Africa and the Diaspora to address high-priority goals for the global community. An exploration of key questions on a changing world and COVID-19 Relief. Activism that speaks truth to power. This discussion on a new way of being upon entry into a new reality – is the fifth in the AFRIKIN series.

This is an opportunity for bridging the gaps between our cultural groups whether from Africa, the Americas, Asia, the Caribbean, Europe, Oceania, or the Diaspora at large. Tune in to AFRIKIN 2020 at afrikin.org to contribute to the effort of identifying viable solutions as we teach each other about the most singular important facet of life, which is Love as a guiding force for human action. This is the time to learn a new way of being. #AFRIKIN2020