Learn Strategies to Legally Lower Tax Liability with Pat JamesThursday, February 8, 6pm-9pm – Pullman Miami Airport Hotel, 5800 Blue Lagoon Drive, Miami

Patrick James, president and CEO of United States Tax Relief LLC has dedicated his entire career to helping people capture ALL the tax deductions legally allowed through implementing specific strategies allowed by the IRS. His marketing expertise was instrumental in launching a tax reduction program with a former senior trial attorney for the IRS. Together, they created a Tax Reduction program that teaches people how to take advantage of every possible tax deduction in order to minimize tax liabilities and becoming audit proof in the process. Taxes are the single largest expense most families are faced with today. No matter what your tax bracket, you can discover thousands of dollars in additional deductions you didn’t even know the IRS allows. The average family of four saves an additional $7,900 per year on their taxes by understanding and implementing these strategies. FREE for everyone, and FREE Italian buffet is included.